Budget prints

Do you want to print a manual, summary or handout for a low price? With our new budget option you can order your prints cheaply and quickly! This option is temporarily up to 50% cheaper than the standard print prices!

Because of the combination of the quick-drying ink and the use of our ecological 80 gram paperwise paper, the "budget" product is not only cheap, but also very environmentally conscious! With our budget printer we can print your documents at lightning speed, so that you not only have your products at home for a low price, but also quickly!

Already prepared your document? Order your budget prints directly.

Budget finishing uptions

  • Choose the option black / white or color, with which you can determine the appearance of your article yourself.
  • Our budget products are delivered as standard on 80 gram paperwise paper to guarantee the lowest price.
  • The standard format is A4 format.
  • Choose single-sided or double-sided printing.
  • With the budget option there is a choice of 2 different finishes: punching or stapling.
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Price-Quality ratio

The price-quality ratio of our new budget option is perfect for students.

The documents will be very easy readible after printing and the ink quality remains high. What must be taken into account is the fact that the intensity of colors such as black will turn out to be less than you would normally expect from us. A black text is therefore printed a little less deep black. Nevertheless, the prints are good to read and given the low price, the budget option is the perfect choice for print work that is used once or a couple of times, think of:

  • Summaries
  • Literature articles
  • College slides
  • Manuals
  • (Registration) forms
  • Handouts
  • Simple A4 flyers

Affordable and environmental friendly

By only using our ecological 80 gram paperwise paper in combination with the quick-drying ink of the new Riso ComColor printer, the production of budget products is very environmentally conscious. This printer, unlike printers with a "toner technique", does not need heat to apply the print and is therefore very energy efficient. Due to the high production capacity and the technology of the inkjet, the printer does not have to run as long, which results in a very small environmental footprint. The ink also has a much lower environmental impact than toner.

At Student-Print.nl we attach great importance to the environmentally conscious handling of our orders and the production. That is why we are very proud of our new environmentally conscious budget option and we recommend it to everyone.

Can my order get any cheaper?

You bet! To keep the costs as low as possible, you can choose to collect your order from us free of charge. Is our location near Sloterdijk just a little too far to go? Then choose from one of our pick-up points spread across Amsterdam. This option only costs 1.50 euro. As a student, don't you have time to go somewhere? Of course, sending your order is always an option.

Printenbind.nl has produced 61.067 of budget prints!

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