Do you have an event to promote or do you want to make stickers for your own use, for let's say a gift of for a study assignment? Simply deliver your own design via our online order form and we will print your personalized stickers with, for example, a logo in high and good quality. Whether it is a large or small print run: we print it for you. And all for a low price! 

Already prepared your document? Order your sticker directly.

Easily print your stickers online

Easily deliver your file online as a PDF or almost any other file type. The final sticker format does not have to be the same as the design, as long as the proportions match! If this is not the case, white borders are created for designs that are actually borderless. Use our online preview to be sure that your design does not get any white borders.

PAY ATTENTION! Make sure the image or text is not too close to the edge. This is because there is a chance that images or text will fall off the edge since stickers are enlarged by 1 to 2 percent to prevent white borders. Not sure if your design has been uploaded correctly? Contact our customer service, they are ready 7 days a week to answer all your questions!

Quick delivery of your stickers

We understand that you want to get started with your stickers as quickly as possible. That is why you will receive your order as standard within two days. We also have an urgent option so that you can use your stickers even faster. Do you want cheap stickers printed in Amsterdam? Come and pick them up for free in Amsterdam at our location or at one of our pick-up points. That way you will never have to wait long for your order!

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