Is your thesis almost finished and are you looking for a printshop to print your thesis? We know that a study assignment that you have spent so much time on deserves a professional look. At Student-Print, we can arrange this for you for a low price. Just simply submit your files, fill in the specifications of your order and place the order. It's easy as that.

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As a student you have other things that you would rather spend your money on, ofcourse. That's why Student-Print is the best option for you and your wallet

Wij printen een thesis van hoge kwaliteit
Wij printen jouw thesis al vanaf één oplage!

How to order

  • Determine the format: dissertation format (170x240), A4, A5 or choose a different size.
  • Choose your paper type: choose a lighter paper type to save costs (80 or 100 grams) or go for a luxurious look (160 grams). Please note: do you have many images or tables in your file? Then choose a minimum of 100 grams so that the pages do not shine through
  • Choose the binding method: 
    • Garenloos: do you want your thesis to look like a book? Then this is the method for you! Thanks to the continuous cover, your file gets a solid and professional look. Tip: opt for a binding back printed for an extra luxurious appearance

    • Wire-O: do you want your teacher to easily browse through your thesis? With this binding method, your file is bound with a ring binder. In addition, compile your own cover (transparent, (printed) white cardboard or black cardboard)

    • Thermal: with this method your thesis is bound with a linen strip on the side.
      Have you designed a beautiful cover that goes all the way to the edge? Then choose the borderless printing option to prevent white border

  • For the finishing touch: add a coating on the cover of your thesis! 
Pro-printshop has produced 14.845 of theses!

    Published on 07 April 2020

    Naast een glossy cover kun je nu ook kiezen voor een mat gelamineerde cover. Deze matte lamineerlaag is 43um dik en wordt aan de buitenzijde van de cover toegepast. De laag zorgt voor een clean en strakke uitstraling van de boeken.


    Published on 04 April 2020

    Wil je niet onze informatie op het verzendlabel en vind je een kaal label ook wat minder? Plaats dan nu jouw eigen logo op het verzendlabel!

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    Published on 29 July 2021 by Jaya

    This website is incredible and the attention to detail to help you guide through the many options they provide to print your project is exquisite. I am using PrintenBind to have my thesis printed and delivered. Thank you for your quality!

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    Published on 05 November 2020 by Ainaz

    I got my thesis printed. It was awesome quality. Thank you!

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